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Take the Z-Wave Installer's Challenge!

Z-Wave can do most anything in home control. But what can you do with it? We're looking to highlight compelling Z-Wave solutions that you've deployed for your customers. How did you solve challenges or satisfy an unusual request? What was your most creative use of Z-Wave?

Tell us about it and if you're our winner, you'll win:
Round Trip Airfare For 2 Anywhere In The Continental U.S.
Dinner For 10 At Your Favorite Restaurant

The purpose of this contest is to generate greater awareness of Z-Wave and its unique possibilities for home control. You can distinguish yourself and your entry in any number of ways -- creative use of budget, non-traditional installations, clever integration with unusual subsystems or devices, and so on. We'd like to hear all about your best work, and you could win your choice of two great prizes!

Fill out this form and good luck! We look forward to hearing about your best work!

REQUIRED FIELD: CHECK THIS BOX to acknowledge that you have read the CONTEST RULES & REGULATIONS

First Name:            Last Name:  
Address 1:  
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City:   State:   Zip Code:  


Briefly describe your Z-Wave solution, in non-technical terms, so that a consumer would understand:

What did the client ask for to make you decide on this solution?
Or for those of you DIYers, why did you choose Z-Wave for your project?

Which equipment (hardware and/or software) and technologies were used in your Z-Wave solution?

What other subsystems did your solution integrate with, i.e., Wi-Fi, proprietary control systems, conventional wired networks, etc.
(or just the fact that the Z-Wave product coordinated well with the drapes?)

How did Z-Wave make this solution possible or more practical?