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Updated January 12, 2010

CES News: Sigma Announces Z-Wave, Zigbee Bridge and Fourth Generation Z-Wave Chip

At CES last week, Sigma Designs announced the availability of the Z-Wave to Zigbee bridge reference design aimed at closing the technology gap between smart meters and the Z-Wave Home Area Network (HAN). The reference design will expand Z-Wave’s ecosystem to encompass the smart meters that are connected by the Zigbee Smart Energy profile (SEP) that has been deployed in multiple U.S. smart meter trials.

This will enable utilities and consumers to take advantage of the large ecosystem of Z-Wave products by mapping demand response load control and energy rate messages to Z-Wave specific functionalities and devices.

The new reference bridge design will enable Z-Wave networks to also integrate an expanded range of smart meters, allowing consumers to actively monitor their home energy usage and power consumption with their energy company. In addition, consumers will enjoy having end-to-end control and management of all Z-Wave devices in the home such as lights, thermostats, door locks, shades and appliances.

The reference design works seamlessly with the currently deployed Z-Wave platforms and therefore enables Z-Wave partners to quickly expand their offering to the meter solutions as a natural extension of the proven Z-Wave experience.

Earlier in the week, Sigma also announced the availability of its new SD3402 Z-Wave chip designed to add Z-Wave wireless control and status capabilities to RF remote controls, set top boxes, and consumer electronic products.

The fourth generation of Z-Wave wireless technology was developed specifically to address the requirements of the set-top box and CE market with a single chip solution. Sigma’s SD3402 offers CE manufacturers a set of features that eliminate the need for additional chips in designs including specialized peripherals for audio and video AV control to enable single-chip RF+ infrared remotes. In addition, the on-chip IR code generator enables control of products consumers already have in their homes with no additional cost for extra chips.


Updated November 30, 2009

Leviton Expands Vizia RF Line

Leviton Manufacturing has expanded its Vizia RF + line of radio frequency-based lighting and home controls with the split duplex receptacle. The top outlet contains an RF-enabled tamper-resistant outlet that responds to command signals sent by Vizia RF + controllers as well as Z-Wave compatible controllers from other manufacturers. The bottom outlet is a standard tamper-resistant outlet that provides constant power so the user can plug and unplug items as needed for household activities such as vacuuming.

The RF enabled side can be used for wireless ON/OFF control of plugged-in electrical loads up to 15 amps, such as lamps, appliances and electronics. The controlled devices can react individually or as part of a scene or grouping of lights (zone) to provide an elegant and convenient “one-touch” lighting experience. Both bottom and top outlets contain a shutter mechanism that only accepts a properly rated two-prong plug, blocking access to the receptacle’s internal contacts. A TR symbol molded onto the strap provides assurance that the receptacle meets the 2008 National Electric Code requirement.
The Vizia RF + Receptacle features load sensing, LED time out, a locator LED that illuminates when the device is ON, and two-way status updating. The receptacle comes packaged with three colors in a box (ivory, white and light almond), with additional color change kits available to allow fast color changeover.

Nokia Spin-Off Joins Z-Wave Alliance

There Corporation, a spin-off from Nokia, has joined the Z-Wave Alliance. Its main focus is to encourage the development and market launch of the smart meter, smart grid, and smart home solutions that are based on ThereGate, formerly known as Nokia Home Control Center (HCC).
This energy platform will gather and process information about the energy consumption in houses and apartments. It is able to monitor and control multiple domestic appliances via an intuitive user interface.

The solutions based on ThereGate are designed to provide real-time information of energy consumption to the related parties as well as an easy and energy-conscious management of domestic electronic appliances.

The integration of Z-Wave technology in this system will provide future users with numerous control options in houses and apartments, such as monitoring and regulating the temperature, managing all home lighting systems and controlling security systems as well as motion sensors.
ThereGate users, regardless of location, will be able to control all their Z-Wave compatible devices via a central interface or even via remote control, web browser, or smart phone. This technology will give consumers access to nearly 350 devices from more than 170 manufacturers.

Updated November 15, 2009

HomeSeer Releases Home Automation v2.4

HomeSeer Technologies has announced the release of its v2.4 web-enabled home automation software. Shipping now, V2.4 features direct support for Schlage’s new LiNK line of Z-Wave enabled lever and deadbolt locksets. With direct support, locks can be monitored and controlled remotely through HomeSeer without the need for the Schlage LiNK bridge gateway.

V2.4 is being released stand-alone in the company’s HS2 and HSPRO software products and will also be embedded into the HomeTroller and PRO-100 hardware controllers. Existing users will be able to upgrade to v2.4 at no charge.

Other new features include auto-detection of new Z-Wave hardware, support for the new Aeon Labs Z-Stick controller, native support for Z-Wave thermostats, and support for Windows 7. Go to HomeSeer for a complete list of other changes.

“Research shows that homeowners love the idea of being able to monitor and control access to their homes from a cell phone or computer,” says Dwight Gibson, vice president and general manager, Connected Home Solutions for Ingersoll Rand, the parent company of Schlage. “Working parents, in particular, really appreciate the peace of mind that comes with being notified by text or e-mail that the kids have arrived home safely from school.”

Updated November 3, 2009

ADT Security Services Joins Z-Wave Alliance

The Z-Wave Alliance has announced that ADT Security Services will join the alliance to enhance its position in interactive services.

According to the Z-Wave Alliance, earlier this year ADT announced the development of a new interactive services solution that will help revolutionize the way homes and businesses are protected and managed. The new solution will provide ADT home and business customers with a variety of service enhancements and is expected to launch early next year.

“We’re thrilled to have the world’s number one electronic security services provider, ADT, join the Z-Wave Alliance,” says Raoul Wijgergangs, chairman of the Z-Wave Alliance. “They are a giant in the industry with a highly respected brand and an incredible customer base.”

Besides ADT, other companies providing access control solutions in the growing global Z-Wave ecosystem include Schlage, Black & Decker, and Wayne-Dalton.

"With interactive services, we intend to better connect people with their homes and business owners with their facilities to help make life safer, more convenient, and to enhance productivity," says Don Boerema, chief marketing officer for ADT. "By joining the Z-Wave Alliance, we are expanding our partnerships with a number of leading companies to deliver compelling solutions to customers nationwide."


Updated October 12, 2009

Sigma Launches New Z-Wave Architecture Modules

Sigma Designs has announced the launch of its fourth generation Z-Wave architecture, the ZM4100 Series Modules. The ZM4100 modules are small form-factor battery-powered devices offering fast frequency agility mechanism with concurrent multi-channel RF support that operates at 2.4 GHz and multiple sub-GHz bands, including the 952 Mhz frequency band.

The ZM4100 series has also expanded the amount of memory on its chip to 64KB, which allows for the operation of dual-stack devices, supporting both the legacy Z-Wave protocol and the IP protocol for remote addressability.

The fourth generation architecture opens up new international home control markets by expanding the frequency range, memory size, and security level for the embedded consumer devices while remaining fully interoperable with the existing Z-Wave ecosystem. By offering these capabilities in ultra-miniature packages with the lowest power available in an RF system, the ZM4100 series supports implementations for a wider range of small form factor, battery-powered devices.

As RF spectrums worldwide grow more crowded, interference is more of an issue, particularly with the commonly used 2.4 GHz band being swamped by WLAN equipment. To address this, ZM4100 modules offer a fast frequency agility mechanism with concurrent multi-channel RF support that operates at 2.4 GHz and multiple sub-GHz bands, including the 952 Mhz frequency band recently opened in Japan. Combined with a resilient, advanced interference blocking mechanism, the ZM4100 now provides reliable communications across all international markets.

Available in December, manufacturers will be able to get the developer kits for the new ZM4100 series modules in ready-to-use module form, which are available in two configurations. The ZM4101 provides a compact 8x8 mm QFN package that simplifies integration into small form factor consumer devices. The ZM4102 provides a package that is full pin-compatible to the previous generation model ZM3102 for plug-and-play simplicity.


September 25, 2009

Lagotek Introduces iPhone Compatability for Home Automation

Lagotek Corporation has announced a new Web-based iPhone application available to Lagotek customers who use Lagotek’s Home Intelligence Platform.

Lagotek’s whole home control platform uniquely uses two wireless systems, WiFi and Z-Wave in a distributed network design. Using Lagotek’s approach with WiFi as a backbone, the Z-Wave network can be scaled to any size (largest to date over 300 devices).

The finished system, which functions just like an iPhone application, is available to Lagotek customers via the iPhone browser and allows the user to check the status of home systems such as lighting, motorized window coverings, climate (HVAC), whole house audio, home theater, monitoring and surveillance cameras, security, and irrigation.

The iPhone can also be used to view live camera images (multiple wherever they are installed) and invoke Modes, such as an “Away” Mode that turns off all lights, lowers window coverings, shuts down entertainment audio or video, sets security, and adjusts HVAC from a single button click.

Schlage LiNK Home Management System Now Available at Radio Shack

The Z-Wave based Schlage LiNK home management system debuted in more than 4,500 Radio Shack stores this week. The starter kit retails for $299 and lets you set up a basic wireless system to lock and unlock doors from a cell phone while you’re away. The fee for unlimited use of Schlage’s online portal and mobile applications is $12.99 a month.

With this system, you can create a 90-day log of activity in your home, receive text messages when anyone with a unique access code arrives, create temporary codes for day workers, and have lights turn on automatically when you enter your access code. You can also save on energy and lower your utility bills by using the Trane thermostat ($149) to control the temperature remotely. For video monitoring, you can add a Schlage wired or wireless camera starting at $149.

September 14, 2009

First AV Product to Offer Native Z-Wave Support

The very first audio and video product on the market to offer an RF remote option using Z-Wave is the new Dune Blu-ray/Media Players from HDI. This announcement offers Z-Wave an entry into the market of mass producing chips for remote controls.

The BD Prime 3.0 model includes a Blu-ray drive and is capable of playing Blu-ray and DVD discs as well as nearly any audio or video file type from a hard drive internally or externally. Media can also be streamed over an Ethernet (Gigabit) or Wi-Fi (Wireless N) network.

New models feature Sigma Designs 8642 chip with USB, eSATA, and Gigabit connections as well as an optional wireless N module.

These Dune Players are capable of playing back all your stored movies (DVD and Blu-ray) with FULL menu's and BD+ live content support just as Hollywood intended. Netflix will be added via an update this fall.

Z-Wave Interfaces with Control4 to Increase Interoperability Options

The Z-Wave Alliance has announced that Z-Wave will now interface with Control4, which opens the technology to more than a million Control4 products on the market.

The integration with Control4 will enable installers to integrate entertainment into home control brands and devices. “Ultimately, this means a larger selection of home control and home entertainment products for consumers,” says Raoul Wijgergangs, chairman of the Z-Wave Alliance.
“Control4’s vision is to be the operating system for the connected home,” says Eric Smith, CTO for Control4. “A number of Z-Wave Alliance members have designed a Z-Wave driver for Control4 systems, which allows us to expand our interoperability with additional manufacturers.”

Schlage Announces Universal Adapter Expands System Capabilities

Schlage announced that it is developing a Universal RS-232 to Z-Wave Adapter. Set for release in 2010, it will enable Schlage LiNK wireless keypad locks and other Z-Wave enabled devices to be integrated into home automation systems that do not support Z-Wave technology.

September 9, 2009

Sigma Designs and 4Home Team up to Deliver Set-Top Box

Sigma Designs has announced a partnership with 4Home Inc., to expand the range of additional services in the home through Sigma’s set-top box reference designs.

As a result of this partnership, Sigma will be able to offer set-top box suppliers an integrated home control solution, based on 4Home’s software platform and the complete Z-Wave ecosystem of RF-based home control devices. The reference design was unveiled at CableLabs Summer Conference in Keystone, Colorado.

Targeted for STB’s in the Cable, telco, and CE markets, the solution is designed to provide a strong foundation of control-related applications to run in the home, including energy monitoring and conservation, safety, and security.

“With this reference design, manufacturers can quickly enter the market with low-cost, reliable solutions for home control that enable a whole new range of options for service providers,” says Ken Lowe, vice president of strategic marketing at Sigma Designs.

Lagotek Introduces iPhone Compatibility for Home Automation

A new web-based iPhone application is now available to Lagotek customers who use Lagotek’s Home Intelligence Platform. The company’s whole home control platform uses two wireless systems, WiFi and Z-Wave in a distributed network design.

Using WiFi as a backbone, the Z-Wave network can be scaled to any size — with the largest to date including over 300 devices. The finished system, which functions just like any iPhone application, is available to Lagotek customers via the iPhone browser. It allows users to check the status on home systems such as lighting, motorized window coverings, HVAC systems, whole house audio, home theater, monitoring and surveillance cameras, as well as security and irrigation.

The iPhone can also be used to view live camera images and invoke modes, such as an “away” mode that turns off lights and lowers window coverings, sets security, and adjusts HVAC from a single button click.

August 24, 2009

Leviton Expands Vizia RF Line

Leviton Manufacturing has expanded its Vizia RF+ line of RF-based lighting and home controls with three new combination devices including a Four-Button Scene Controller with Switch and optional IR remote capabilities, a Four-Button Zone Area Controller with Switch and optional IR remote capabilities, and a Two-Button Scene Controller with Switches.

Designed for “no new wires” installations in retrofit environments, these devices replace a single switch or dimmer with a multi-button combination switch/controller that provides local load control plus the additional benefit of scene or zone (area) control.

The 4-Button Scene Controller with Switch provides control of up to four unique lighting scenes as well as ON/OFF control of its connected load. The top four buttons on the device provide ON/OFF switching of four scenes, while one button offers ON/OFF control of a single-pole switch. The bottom button transmits DIM/BRIGHT commands to the most recently switched-ON scene. An optional IR Handheld Remote Controller can be used to activate a scene and to dim or brighten the lights. Button labels are available to identify the scene that each button is controlling.

The 4-Button Zone Controller with Switch affords remote control of up to four Vizia RF+ scene-capable devices in addition to ON/OFF control of its connected load. The top four buttons on the device provide ON/OFF control of specific assigned areas and one button provides local (single-pole switch) load control. The bottom button on the device transmits DIM/BRIGHT commands to the most recently switched-ON zone. An optional IR Handheld Remote Controller can also be used for zone control and to dim or brighten the lights. Button labels are available to identify the areas being controlled.

The 2-Button Scene Controller with Switches provides remote control of up to two different scenes in a Vizia RF+ home lighting network as well as ON/OFF switching of two lighting loads in a single wallbox.

All Vizia RF+ products use advanced communication technology from Z-Wave to ensure integration with Z-Wave-enabled devices used to control HVAC, shades, garage doors, and other home systems.

Somfy Launches ILT Z-Wave Interface

Somfy Systems ILT Z-Wave Interface has a plug-in design that allows a simple connection to the ILT two-way communicating motor head and can be setup in less than a minute, according to the company. Additionally, the interface doesn’t require additional external power.

The interface brings the ILT motors’ functionality and status feedback into the Z-Wave control environment and enables optimized performance through third-party automation controllers.
The interface can be used to control a wide range of interior and exterior ILT motorized window coverings including: roller/solar, pleated/cellular, two-inch horizontal blinds, sheer horizontals and roman/woven shades with the same control, whether it be via PC Control, a handheld remote, a keypad or dimmer.


June 15, 2009

HomeSeer Releases HSM100-EU Euro Z-Wave Multi-Sensor

HomeSeer Technologies has released the Euro version of its popular Z-Wave multi-sensor. Shipping now, the HSM100-EU is designed to sense motion, temperature, and light will control up to 4 other Z-Wave devices directly.

Homeowners with conventional automation systems can use the HSM100-EU as a basic Z-Wave motion sensor. Those with HomeSeer automation systems can take full advantage of the unit’s other features to create more complex automation events for whole house control of Z-Wave and non Z-Wave automation products.

Like other Z-Wave products, the HSM100-EU is completely wireless and is powered by 3 AAA batteries. A built-in battery monitor may be programmed to alert HomeSeer users by email, phone or voice announcement when the battery needs to be changed.

HSM100-EU is designed to work seamlessly with Z-Wave products from industry leaders such as Cooper, Leviton, Intermatic, Wayne Dalton, and ACT.

Schlage Rolls Out Trane Z-Wave Thermostat

Trane has rolled out its first Z-Wave-equipped thermostat, which can be monitored and controlled from remote PCs and most Web-enabled mobile phones through Schlage’s Link keypad lock/home-management system.

Trane’s $149 Remote Energy Management Thermostat networks with Schlage’s Link System, which lets homeowners remotely monitor and lock/unlock Schlage’s Z-Wave-equipped keypad locks. Link also lets users monitor and control Schlage’s Z-Wave network cameras and light modules.

The Schlage and Trane products incorporate Z-Wave wireless-network technology, and both are available in select Lowe’s stores and on


June 1, 2009

Lagotek Releases Next Generation Home Control Software

Lagotek has announced the release of its home control software package Fusion Suite 3.6 and the Home Installation Took (HIT) version 1.7. These two new software releases are designed to improve home energy efficiency by delivering Z-Wave functionality that manages lighting, climate, and motorized window coverings.

New features in Fusion Suite 3.6 include a web interface that allows for remote access from a PC, Google Phone, or Apple iPhone. In addition, a new Z-Wave external antenna provides enhanced signal strength in areas of the home where RF communications could be problematic.

Schlage Brings Z-Wave Compatible LiNK System to Lowe’s Stores

Schlage has announced that its Schlage LiNK System is now available in more than 650 Lowe’s home improvement stores, not just at The remote home-management system incorporates Z-Wave, allowing you to remotely lock/unlock and monitor entry to doors equipped with Schlage’s wireless keypad locks. Remote access can be granted from a computer or Web-enabled mobile phone, including Apple iPhone and RIM’s BlackBerry smartphones.

The Schlage LiNK System Starter Kit includes one wireless deadbolt or lock, the Schlage network communications Bridge, batteries to power the lock, and a Schlage Light Module for remotely controlling a lamp that is plugged into it. The Bridge connects to the home’s existing router and uses Z-Wave technology to transmit data to the wireless lock. Additional Schlage wireless deadbolts and locks are sold separately.

The manufacturer’s suggested retail price of the Schlage LiNK Starter Kit is $299 and additional Schlage LiNK deadbolts or locks are $199 each. Schlage LiNK subscriptions cost $12.99 per month for 24-hour access to the Schlage LiNK online portal and mobile phone applications.


May 25, 2009

Sigma Designs Announces IP Interoperability for Internet Home Control

The IP-Wave single chip solution, announced last week by Sigma Designs, will offer interoperability between Sigma’s Z-Wave wireless home control and IP standards.

With the IP-Wave stack and Z-Wave on a single chip, users can control all home systems, including current Z-Wave systems from the internet. While some systems already have the internet interface via a gateway, newer products won’t require the bridge for internet access and control, as each will carry its own IP address.

According to Ken Lowe, vice president of strategic marketing at Sigma, the impetus behind the development of the IP-Wave technology was to further support the role of Z-Wave ecosystem in the digital home. “Like home entertainment networks, it’s imperative that home control networks be able to interface with the internet,” he says. “The announcement will likely spur more interest in the home control market.”

IP is an internet protocol used for communicating data across a packet-switched network using the Internet Protocol Suite (TCP/IP). By converging Z-Wave and IP, Sigma enables end-to-end home control networks and applications from anywhere on the internet all the way to sensor networks.
In addition, using Z-Wave over IP router technology will let consumers combine existing Z-Wave networks with these new IP-Wave networks for more access and better flexibility.

May 18, 2009

Electronic House Magazine Announces Home of the Year Awards

Out of the 310 projects submitted for Electronic House magazine's 4th Annual Home of the Year Awards, 39 winners were selected in 15 categories and are showcased in the magazines current (May/June) issue.

This year the categories included:

Best Overall Home of the Year
Home Theater
Green Home
Fun Room
Master Suite
Grand Space
Family Room
Outdoor Space
Before and After
Themed Theater

The top prize went to a Hollywood hills house that combined automation and A/V installed by DSI Entertainment Systems, one of more than 110 custom electronics installation firms that submitted projects for awards consideration.

The winning homes were selected based on technological innovation, creative solutions to challenges, and design elements.

Digital Delivery Group Now Selling Z-Wave Packages

The Digital Delivery Group — a consortium of regional CE specialty distributors — has announced five home automation systems from multiple brands of Z-Wave products.

Each package integrates remote home management, entertainment, lighting, and HVAC control products from Nevo, Leviton, and Wayne-Dalton. The packages incorporate Nevo Z-Wave-equipped handheld remote controls to operate the bundles products. The packages start with a basic home theater lighting and entertainment package to zone packages that manage lighting, entertainment, HVAC, and monitoring for multiple zones.

The packages — available through DDG’s 28 regional warehouses — also include a CD with Nevo 2.0 software pre-configured for each package, video tutorials, printable literature, information on Nevo’s Certified Dealer Program, and DDG’s IR library, which features IR codes for such brands as Mitsubishi, Panasonic Pro and TiVo.

According to the company, the packages are retrofittable, reliable, and highly scalable and are intended to make it easier for retail custom installers to provide homeowners with highly capable systems.


May 4, 2009

New Research Shows Home Automation Market Increase

Vendors of home automation systems are expected to ship nearly 2.8 million systems in 2011, according to a new study from ABI Research. According to the “Home Automation and Security” report, only one of the four segments of this market, that for luxury systems, will be significantly impacted by the recession.

“The luxury home automation market for systems costing more than $50,000 is relatively mature, so it will feel the greatest impact from the recession,” says Sam Lucero, senior analyst at ABI Research. “Two other segments — standards-based mainstream home automation systems and home automation as a service — are so new and have so much room for growth that they should expand rapidly starting in 2010 no matter the progress of the wider economic recovery. Likewise, the final segment — DIY home automation — is tied to a certain extent to these other newer segments and should also see healthy growth.”

With Z-Wave products and other wireless technologies, many mainstream home automation installations are now in the $10-15,000 range with prices falling fast. This segment is further driven by the growing availability of peripheral components that are available not only from the vendors themselves but through retail outlets.

In addition, most of the major telcos are developing systems aimed at delivering managed home automation services as part of a bundled offering for subscribers.

Schlage Announces Availability at

Schlage LiNK System is now available for purchase online at The remote home-management system incorporates Z-Wave wireless technology, allowing homeowners to lock and unlock and monitor entry to LiNK-equipped doors from a computer or Web-enabled mobile phone, including Apple’s iPhone and RIM’s BlackBerry devices.

Homeowners can lock and unlock LiNK-equipped doors by entering a 4-digit code on the lock’s 10-digit keypad or by using a mobile phone with a data plan to access the password-protected Schlage LiNK online portal.

The Schlage LiNK System starter kit includes one Schlage LiNK deadbolt or lock, the Schlage LiNK network communications Bridge, and a Light Module for remotely controlling a lamp that is plugged into it. The Bridge connects to the home’s existing router and uses Z-Wave technology to transmit data via low-power radio signals to the LiNK System lock.

April 27, 2009

Lagotek Acquires RS Scene Automation

With an eye toward expanding its motorized window covering product line and addressing current energy saving needs, Lagotek Corporation announced the acquisition of certain assets of RS Scene Automation LLC. The Seattle-based developer produces wired and wireless control systems for motorized window coverings.

Assets being acquired include a line of Z-Wave motor controls that were originally designed and developed in cooperation with Lagotek. The acquisition transfers all rights to the intellectual property of these products including all wired control systems developed by RS Scene.

Controls include integrated functionality between lighting, climate control and motorized window coverings. Both residential and soon to be released commercial applications will automatically capture natural light and control the use of artificial light while maintaining maximum energy efficiency.

According to the Department of Energy, lighting accounts for 20 percent of residential heating bills and 44 percent of the electricity used in office buildings. Heating and air conditioning represents 45 percent of home energy consumption. Lagotek's integration of the controls that manage these systems is designed to significantly reduce overall consumption in each category.

April 13, 2009

HomeSeer Releases HSTouch Interface Design System

HomeSeer Technologies has released its new HSTouch interface design system, which is a customizable graphical interface for all HomeSeer home automation systems and will run on in-wall, stand-alone, portable, handheld, and wireless touchscreen devices.

HSTouch is Z-Wave enabled and integrates with all HomeSeer-based automation systems. An integrated RSS browser is also included for easy access popular data feeds for weather, news, sports, and stock information.

Shipping now, the system is IP-enabled and may be used to monitor and control remote HomeSeer installations, including secondary residences. It’s designed to run on Windows, Windows CE, and Windows Mobile devices. A version for the iPod Touch and iPhone is planned for release later this year.

With HSTouch, projects may be created or edited remotely and then deployed to customer sites without the need for a site visit or service call.

Wayne Dalton’s Houseport Automation for the Mac Ships Soon

Wayne Dalton’s Houseport $87 automation system for the Mac — which, according to the company, will be compatible with several of Z-Wave RF devices — is set to ship June 1.

The system, which enables the control and monitoring of products via the Z-Wave home-control protocol, comprises a Mac USB-to-Z-Wave adapter (with USB stand) and the Houseport software.
Users can configure the software to operate — and respond to — any of the hundreds of wireless Z-Wave products now on the market, including thermostats, dimmers, sensors, garage-door openers, motorized shades and more.

February 16, 2009

Control Z-Wave Products from Your iPhone

Intelligent Designs Group LLC, has announced the launch of its Total Control suite of software solutions. Total Control Z-Wave Automation Edition for iPhone/iTouch lets you view live status and directly control many of your Z-Wave automation devices.

The initial launch supports over 100 modules (U.S. frequency products only) from various manufacturers including HomeSettings, Leviton, and Wayne-Dalton. (For a full compatibility list, click here.) You can control parts of your home or business such as lights, outlets, HVAC, and window shades as well as view live status of devices.

The application is available for purchase at the iTunes store for $59.95.

February 2, 2009

Z-Wave Goes to Costa Rica

Zwave Products, a distributor of Z-Wave enabled devices, has reached an agreement with Hitec Homes of Costa Rica to install Z-Wave technology into 600 residential homes in Costa Rica.

Hitec Homes will begin the installations this spring with Aspire RF Z-Wave lighting switches and controllers and plan to add additional Z-Wave devices (such as the Schlage Link product) in the coming months.

Each home will start off with 12 Z-Wave switches and two Z-Wave wireless remotes. Zwave Products will be supplying all the Z-Wave devices as well technical support and design help with the project.

January 19, 2009

Z-Wave Advances: ADT to Launch iControl Remote Management Service

With ADT’s announcement to launch iControl remote management services, customers will be able to remotely monitor and control their homes via Z-Wave-enabled gateway, IP cameras, and other devices. In a recent agreement, the security company — which serves nearly six million customers in North America — will sell iControl’s Web-based services for remotely controlling security, lighting, temperature, surveillance, and other electronic systems.

At the center of the iControl system is the iHub gateway, which communicates two-way via IP and Z-Wave (along with GPRS, enabling communications if the Internet goes down). The iHub unit integrates with select security panels — for now, products from GE Security and Honeywell — but ADT and iControl plan to support additional panels.

As reported in CE Pro, a homeowner, for example, could program the system to call or email if the security system is disarmed. Or, caregivers could program the system to contact them if an elderly parent does not trip a bathroom sensor within eight hours. In addition, you could make the system record 20 seconds of surveillance video when the front-door sensor is tripped.

The service costs around $25 to $40 per month, depending on the application. iControl’s monthly fee starts at $15. In addition to the residential market, ADT sees a significant opportunity for iControl in the commercial sector.
More details about the service will be announced in the second quarter of this year.

January 12, 2009

Aeon Labs Rolls Out Four New Z-Wave Products

Aeon Labs has announced four new Z-Wave offerings including a door and window sensor, motion sensor, remote controller, and a USB adapter.

The Motion Sensor is a battery-powered Z-Wave motion sensor that sends Z-Wave commands to any Z-Wave devices within its own Z-Wave network when a change in temperature is detected. It has a two-year battery life.

Minimote is an easy-to-use Z-Wave remote controller with a full range of Z-Wave capabilities. The Minimote can be configured for use as a gateway so that the button functions can be swapped and modified on the fly to better suit static gateway solutions.

Z-Stick is a self-powered Z-Wave USB adapter with push button for easy network creation. When attached to a computer or gateway hub, it becomes a Z-Wave USB adapter, exposing Z-Wave commands to the attached computer/gateway hub. This will enable control of all devices within the Z-Wave network. The Z-Stick can be firmware upgraded via USB.

The Door and Window Sensor is a battery-powered Z-Wave magnetic sensor that sends commands to any Z-Wave devices within its own Z-Wave network when the main unit separates from the smaller unit. It has a two-year battery life.
Contact the company for pricing quotes and availability.



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